March of Gratitude – Day Ten


I am thankful today for work – for the tasks I do on a daily basis and for the job I go to each day. I am blessed to work in an environment where I help others and am supported by those who work alongside me. We each have different tasks to do, but we are supportive of one another and ready to help out where needed.


In my work space, people will almost always see a cup of coffee or tea, my Bible, and pictures of my family – especially of the grand baby! Part of my job is to meet with students and help them organize their schedule so that they complete their degrees as planned. I am thrilled when they come to tell me they are enjoying their classes – or express appreciation for the way their schedule is arranged. I always tell them, “It’s not rocket science, it’s just advising” but the majority of the students are truly grateful for the assistance I offer. Something that is “easy” for one to do is not always “easy” for another – we all have different strengths and gifts. It is a good thing when we are in a job that allows us to use those strengths and gifts to benefit others.

I enjoy the community I have in my workplace as we each do our part to help students. We take time for fun on the journey – sharing conversation, family stories, food, and of course, coffee. When I first began my job at DBU, we had a little sign taped to the coffee machine. It said “Sweet Nectar of Life” – and each of the coffee drinkers in the office is as passionate about his/her coffee as the next. We are currently on the fourth coffee maker since I joined this office and we also have two Keurigs and a hot water kettle. We also have access to our campus Starbucks just one floor below us – so I would say we are pretty set in the warm, comforting, sustaining beverage department.

As much as my office mates and I enjoy our coffee, we enjoy helping students more. Pouring into students is our “sweet nectar of life” – and this makes our work experience enjoyable and fulfilling. I think that one thing that makes this true in my office is that we all have a similar belief toward our “work”. The Apostle Paul challenges us, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men” (Colossians 3:23 NIV). This verse is a beautiful reminder to me to keep God in the details of my work. It is for His glory that I can accomplish anything – whether it is one of the tasks or responsibilities of my job, or any other “work” I do.

How does the work you do satisfy your strengths and gifts? My hope for you, Dear One,  is that no matter the tasks you are assigned to complete, you can accomplish them for God’s glory.



Copyright ©2017 Kelly Morris

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