March of Gratitude – Day Eleven


Moving along (and catching up) I find myself on day eleven of my March of Gratitude, and the writing prompt is “impactful movie” – but I am stretching it a bit to include a television series – particularly, Seinfeld. The 1990’s sitcom “about nothing” is really a lot more like life than nothing. It is not a show is one I would label as “impactful” but it is one that relates to our lives more than we would like to admit. What I enjoy about Seinfeld is that it pretty much sums up what I think others think when the response I hear from them is “fine” (to ‘How are you?’) or “nothing” (to ‘What’s the matter?’). Nothings are almost always really something.

Not too long ago I was baking a cake for my daughter’s birthday – (side note – this Kentucky Butter Cake recipe from Pinterest makes the most delicious cake, and it is fairly easy). The recipe calls for cubed butter, and since I had let it soften first, it was a bit more challenging to handle as I cubed it. When I looked down at my hand, I noticed how soft it felt and wondered if I could rub some butter on a particularly dry part of my wrist. As quick as I had this thought, I thought of “The Butter Shave” episode. (If you search on You Tube, “Seinfeld Butter Shave”, you will find a few clips if you are not familiar with the episode) The series aired on television from 1989-1998 and lives on now in reruns, DVDs and online streaming.

Sometimes it is the “nothing” that is the real “something” of a situation. When I tell my husband that “nothing” is wrong, what I am communicating is that “I do not want to verbalize the problem” and sometimes I am communicating, “I do not want to verbalize the problem, but I expect you to figure it out anyway”.

It is not fair to my husband to expect him to know what is wrong with me without explaining it to him. He cannot read my mind. God can, and He knows what is wrong with me, He understands why I am bothered – but even God wants me to communicate with Him. I think part of it is so that I understand myself what is bothering me. The same reason applies in my relationship with my husband. If I can communicate the problem so that I can clearly understand it myself, I am much more likely to have a receptive and responsive husband who not only wants to help but is equipped with information so that he can offer help.

I am thankful for television shows, movies and books that show relationships between people so that I can learn from them in hopes of improving my own relationships with the people I interact with on a daily basis. And while they can be impactful in other ways as well – an emotional release through tears or laughter – my hope is that I will learn a little bit more about myself and the person I am becoming. I am certain that this is the “Learner” strength in my displayed – I cannot watch something without the hope of learning something from it. It simply cannot be about “nothing”!

“I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I observed,” (Proverbs 24:32 NIV).




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