Hands Are Not for Hitting


Dear Charley,

The other day your mom sent me the cutest picture of you reading a new book. In her message she said, “Someone is learning an important lesson” and the book you were reading was called, “Hands Are Not for Hitting” by Martine Agassi, Ph.D. As I thought about how cute you are in this picture (and how cute you are in general), I thought a bit about this moment as a teaching opportunity. Your parents, as well as the others who love you dearly, are learning through you as you learn about the good things for hands.

The “bad” things we use hands for seem to come to us much faster and easier than the “good.” It is just like learning the loud and louder volumes for the word, “No!” which come much easier than, “Yes” does. We all want independence and to do things our own way. You want that now. You will hit at someone to get their attention. You will hit at someone if you do not like what they did. You will say, “No” if you don’t want to be redirected to another activity. But your parents know best for you. They know that you must learn patience, so they give you an opportunity to practice patience. They also know that one activity may be better for you than another, because they can see more than you can from your vantage point.

This is so much of a God lesson to me in my own life! I have had times when I have prayed, and prayed for something only to have to wait. I have been mad at God for not giving me what I wanted when I wanted it. But in some of those situations, I needed to learn patience. God uses the situation to teach patience. Other times I have been redirected from a relationship or situation that looked good, looked healthy from what I could see, only to learn later on that it was neither good nor healthy.

Parenting is about so much more than raising kids. Parenting is also about learning to love through the raising of the kids. It is about learning how God sees the world as we learn to see beyond ourselves. So in those times when you were learning an important lesson, know your parents were learning important lessons, too.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 ESV

Many parents claim this verse for comfort when they feel frustration with the child/children they are raising.  It brings a bit of comfort to know that our teaching is not completely falling on deaf ears. But as I think about being God’s child (all the days of my life), I realize He will always be training me for the way ahead of me. Even when I am old, I will not depart from His teaching. Have patience with your parents, Charley Kay, and the other people in your life. God is teaching us lessons just as He teaches you.

I love you, Dear One!




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