Write 31 Days


Sometimes when you are looking for encouragement, it comes in the form of a challenge. I enjoy reading about the journeys of other writers and find myself encouraged by both success and failure. You know, as Olympia Dukakis reminds us as Clairee Belcher “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger” (Steel Magnolias, 1989).

I challenged myself to join other writers participating in the “Write 31 Days” challenge for writing fun and also because I hope to encourage others – no matter their journey. The main category for my posts during the challenge is Family Life and by connecting with others one hope is to make new writing friends and be encouraged through their experiences.

Throughout the years, I have hoped to use my words to bring encouragement as we all face trials and challenges of life. Writing this blog has helped me connect with others beyond my immediate circle of influence. I have shared learned life lessons from recent and past experiences.

With the help and encouragement from my daughter Kendall, I have chosen the main theme/topic of my month-long writing challenge to be “Letters to Charley”. If that has not already brought a slight smile to your face, I must not have done a good enough job expressing my overflowing joy in my grandbaby.

Each day during the month of October, there will be a new blog post. You can check back to this page to see all of them, or find them under the category “Letters to Charley”. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Day 1 You’ve Got Mail

Day 2 Blinded by Lies; Sight Restored by Love

Day 3 Well Begun is Half Done

Day 4 A Smell the Clean Moment

Day 5 On This Day 18 Months Ago

Day 6 The Day I Lost My Lips

Day 7 Family Fun: Visit to NYC

Day 8 Family Fun: Roadtrippin’ with Zach

Day 9 Stitches of Love

Day 10 Great is Thy Faithfulness

Day 11 Hands Are Not for Hitting

Day 12 Walt Disney’s Story Land – A Memory of Love

Day 13 Sweeter than Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hunny

Day 14 An Aunt is a Friend for Life 

Day 15 A Time for Rest

Day 16 Blessings in His Word Each Day

Day 17 Sing With a Happy Heart

Day 18 If a Man Brings You a Sofa, You Might Marry Him

Day 19 Love God. Love People.

Day 20 Just Keep Swimming

Day 21 Beyond the “Mama Mode”

Day 22 Serving Others is Loving Others

Day 23 Little One Lost, But Not Forgotten

Day 24 In Need of a Do Over

Day 25 Fight with Words of Truth

Day 26 This Light of His – Let it Shine

Day 27 Books are For Reading

Day 28 It’s a Good Day for a Good Day

Day 29 Pie? Did Someone Say Pie?

Day 30 How to Train a Husband

Day 31The View From Where I Sit



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